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How easy is it to get around Riobamba?

Although it’s a big city, Riobamba is easy to get around. Buses depart from a small terminal outside the main bus station to nearby destinations. You can use the bus, train, or personal car to get around the city.

Where to stay in Riobamba?

There are so many options to stay in Riobamba. It is known for its beautiful nature and agricultural evaluation. When visiting Riobamba, you should choose a comfortable place to stay, such as Illari Hotel.

What’s it like eating and drinking in Riobamba?

Several modern restaurants in Riobamba offer good service and local cuisine. When you have flexible schedules, you can choose from several types of food. There are lots of bars and food options to choose from. Besides local foods, you can also eat international foods.

What is there to do in Riobamba?

Riobamba, Ecuador, offers amazing day trips into the Andes. You should also check out the city’s churches, parks, museums, landmarks, and more while you’re there.

How to get to Riobamba?

There is a lot of option to get to Riobamba. Getting to Riobamba by bus is the best option. Cuenca, Guayaquil, and Quito are the nearest airports (140 km, 147 km, and 179.9 km, respectively). Buses are the best way to get to Riobamba from any closest city.